Free Games Without Wifi OR Internet | Android, iOS & PC

Do you want to play free games without WiFi? Well, there are a lot of free games available to you all across the play store and app store. However, they will require you to turn on data while you are playing so that they can show you ads that generate revenue for them while you are proceeding with gameplay. As a result, the data carrier charges apply, and the games that seem to be free actually cost you a lot of money. So, here are free games without wifi for android, iOS, and PC.

Brace yourself because we are going to take you out of the world

Free games without WiFi For Android

free games without wifi for AndroidIn this modern era, everyone has Android mobile phone and we use it for different purposes. Most people try to reach free games without wifi for android so they kill their free time in better ways.Here is a list of some of the best No Wifi Games without wifi or internet that you can play on your android device.

1) 4 Pics 1 Word

This one is an offline game for android which polishes your brain and enhances your skills. In this game, you have 4 pictures and a set of letters with which you have to guess the word.

4 Pics 1 Word
4 Pics 1 Word
Price: Free

2) Word Search

Word search is a puzzle game that allows you to pick the difficulty level. Depending on that, you have a table from where you need to find the words.

Download Word Search for Android

3) Word Cookies

This is another puzzle game that has a pan and set of letters. Using these letters, you have to make several words until all the blanks are complete.

Download Word Cookies for Android

4) Quizoid Trivia Quiz 2017

This game comes with more than 7 thousand questions and three different game modes. There are three lifelines that you have while you are answering the questions.

Download Quizoid Trivia Quiz 2017

5) Fruit Ninja

This is a game that gained a lot of popularity around the globe. The fruits are going to pop up on the screen and you have to slice them carefully, ensuring that no one is left unattended.

Download Fruit Ninja for Android

6) Doodle Jump

Here is another one in our list of free games without wifi for android based on doodles jumping over small poles and avoiding obstacles that occur while you are playing.

Download Doodle Jump for Android

7) Smash Hit

This game features a moving ball using which you have to destroy the obstacles. When your balls start to decrease, it means that you are getting in trouble.

Download Smash Hit for Android

8) Jetpack Joyride

This game is widely known all over the globe. It comes with a character that breaks into a science lab, acquiring equipment and destroying stuff.

Download Jetpack Joyride for Android

9) Duet

The games require you to have a decent reaction while you have to control the ball. Move all balls while avoiding the obstacles.

Download Duet for Android

10) Crossy Roads

It is much like an endless runner but the player here is jumping all around the busy streets, and the transport is your enemy.

Download Crossy Roads for Android

11) Zombie Tsunami

You might have played games where you have to kill zombies. What about becoming one of them and turning the whole population into zombies?

Download Zombie Tsunami for Android

12) Hungry Shark Evolution

The game comes with tremendous graphics and amazing effects. The bloody shark is your play, and you need to control the world of ocean.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

14) ZigZag

Although the game lacks in sound and music, the graphics make up for it, and as you progress, you get a new game color every 50 points.

Download ZigZag for Android

15) Epic Skater

This is a great example of animation, surrounded by objects and three-dimensional gameplay featuring the main character with sharp movements and tricks.

Download Epic Skater for Android

16) Monster Dash

The game comes with a two-dimensional play where you have to escape the thirsty bloody monsters and destroy them using various weapons.

Download Monster Dash for Android

17) Neon Shadow

Do you love to save the world? Here is a shooting game but this time it’s not zombies or criminals, rather machines which you have to destroy.

Download Neon Shadow for Android

18) Brothers in Arms

Here is a game for action lovers as it features the world war II gameplay, engage in skirmishes, killing enemies and playing the character of Sergeant Wright.

Download Brothers in Arms for Android

19) Plague Inc

It is a game in which you have to control an illness and kill or subdue all people that are infected with it.

Download Plague Inc for Android

20) Townsmen

If you love the strategic building, this game features the middle ages, turning a miserable settlement and growing it by adding facilities.

Download Townsmen for Android

21) 2048 Game

The list of free games without wifi or internet is incomplete without mentioning this addictive game. Reach the maximum score of 2048 by swiping the tiles, and it will be enough to keep you busy for a long time.

Download 2048 for Android

22) Temple Run

Keep running in an attempt to escape the temple with a character that goes through trees, stones, temple building, and other places while evil demon monkeys are chasing him.

Temple Run
Temple Run
Price: Free

23) Six Guns Gang Showdown

The game is an amazing first person RPG shooter that can be best enjoyed on phones and tablets with bigger screens. Proceed with gameplay, enhance your skills, earn gold, and get new guns.

Download Six Guns Gang Showdown for Android

24) Asphalt 8 Airborne

With only a few entries left in our free games without wifi for mobile, it is becoming harder to pick the right games. Asphalt series is highly popular, and the asphalt 8 simply demonstrates that how fun racing cars on your android can be.

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne for Android

25) Hill Climb Racing 2

The hill climb racing 2 is a game that wants you to get your vehicle as far as possible while collecting coins and moving across the tricky landscape. Too slow and your gas will run out.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android

26) Paper Toss

Our last entry in the list of free games without wifi for android is paper toss. It requires you to swipe on the screen to throw paper, taking into consideration the wind and angle.

Download Paper Toss for Android

Free Games Without wifi For iOS/ Mac

free games without wifi for iosAll the games are devices supported and you do not play one game on all devices.Basically, Iphon user wants free games without wifi for ios and they enjoy it.So, let’s begin our list of free games without wifi for iPhone users:

1) Major Mayhem

The first entry in our list of free games without wifi for ios is major mayhem. It is a long game available in career mode which requires you to fight for the right, and your enemies include a group of bad guys.

Download Major Mayhem for iOS

2) Shadow Blade Zero

Become a ninja and go through the obstacles to reach to your teacher and deliver him a special message with this shadow blade zero.

Download Shadow Blade Zero for iOS

3) Shadow fight

This is a game which is a lot like street fighter and mortal combat. You can download it for free on your ios and enjoy it offline.

Download Shadow fight for iOS

4) Lazors Puzzle

Here is a top rated game which will consume a lot from your brain and has been a major discussion on platforms like Reddit. It is a time taking and tough puzzle game which you can only endure with a lot of attention.

Download Lazors Puzzle for iOS

5) Crossy Road Endless Road

The game, as stated, is endless where you have to make a chicken cross the road, avoiding traffic obstacles and moving at a quick pace.

Download Crossy Road Endless Road for iOS

6) Asphalt Nitro

The next addition to our list of free games without wifi for mobiles is the Asphalt Nitro. It requires some decent space on your device as the game size is over 100 MB. It features around 125 levels and the difficulty increases as your progress.

Download Asphalt Nitro for iOS

7) Plants vs. Zombies

This is another game that has been around for a long time. It has several accolades to its name and both kids as well as adults will enjoy it.

Download Plants vs. Zombies for iOS

8) Flick Soccer 17

The game is highly popular with the ones that love sports genre as success is most played sport all over the globe. The graphics are great, the accuracy is awesome, and you can play it without any internet connection.

Download Flick Soccer 17 for iOS

9) Pixel Dungeon

The game features RPG gameplay and is completely free. It comes without any cost, and you need to roam around to find plants, monsters, etc.

Download Pixel Dungeon for iOS

10) Unblock Me

This is another occupying game that comes under puzzles category. You have to move several blocks around to free up the red block that you can only move the way it is placed.

Download Unblock me for iOS

11) Lifeline

If you love playing games that require you to think hard and play fast, then here is what you will enjoy a lot. Lifeline is a puzzle, and you have to get out of the troublesome world.

Download Lifeline for iOS

12) My Horse

The game is actually a simulator which features you as a pet lover. Feed your horses, train them, enter various events and play it like a pro.

Download My Horse for iOS

13) Zombie Farm

Here is another game which provides you a break and let you train zombies to be at your side. Grow them and with their help, protect your land.

Download Zombie Farm for iOS

14) Overkill

This game features a shooting personally. You have to kill the enemies, and with each stage you will be able to unlock new weapons, add power and upgrade the previous ones, and run over the opponents.

Download Overkill for iOS

15) DragonVale

If you are a fan of dragons, get this app and acquire an amusement park where you have different species. Train them, feed the creatures, nourish and help them grow, and attract visitors to your park to get cash.

Download DragonVale for iOS

16) FarmVille

The game was perhaps originally for PC and Mac but looks awesome even if you get it on your Apple mobile device.

Download FarmVille for iOS

17) Gun Bros

If you love playing free games without wifi, try the Gun Bros. It is a stick shooting game that you can play solo, or if you have wifi, you can also play it multiplayer. Explore the universe and gather weapons in your armory.

Download Gun Bros for iOS

18) Cut the Rope Lite

The game provides you Om Nom, a character that is hungry for candies. You have to figure out how to make him reach the delicious candy treat.

Download Cut the Rope Lite for iOS

19) Smurfs’ village

No list of free games without wifi mobile can be completed without mentioning the Smurfs’ village. It is a game that can keep you occupied for hours, making you stick to your couch and dig deep into your smartphone.

Download Smurfs Village for iOS

20) Angry Birds 2

The last entry in our list of offline games for ios is none other than angry birds 2. The game is released as the sequel to angry birds, and you can level up your birds and destroy various castles.

Download Angry Birds 2 for iOS

Free Games Without Wifi For PC/Computer

free games without wifi for pcPC gamers, brace yourself as here is our list of best free games without wifi PC:

1) Warcraft I and II

The games come under the list of most popular games for PC. It is a strategy based series that in total has five games but the fourth and fifth one needs an internet connection.

Download Warcraft I and II for PC

2) Stronghold Crusaders

Be the crusaders and build the castle with this stunning game. Resource management is everything that you need and raids the opponents to win their land. You can download full HD version of Stronghold Crusader for PC right there.

Download Stronghold Crusaders for PC

3) Counter-Strike

This series is another first-person popular shooting game. Particularly, the counter strike 1.6 edition received remarkable success. You can either stick to offline play or enter online multiplayer platforms.

Download Counter-Strike for PC

4) Half-Life Series

Half-life series needs no introduction for the PC gamers. It was first released in the late 1990s and got huge success. It is a shooting game based on science fiction history.

Download Half-Life Series for PC

5) Grand Theft Auto Vice City

If you happen to play games between 2000 and 2010, chances are that you might have played the GTA vice city. The game was developed by Rockstar Games and its occupying gameplay will keep you glued to the computer for hours.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PC

6) Call of Duty 2

War games have always been popular with PC gamers and Call of duty 2 is no exception. It has the award of best war game VGX. Download it and you will get to know why it was a serious success in the industry.

Download Call of Duty 2 for PC

7) GTA San Andreas

The Rockstar games took the GTA franchise one step ahead with the release of San Andreas. Be the gangster and fulfill missions. Roam through the street and go through the narrow escapes that are really the pick from this game.

Download GTA San Andreas for PC

8) Need for Speed series

The car racing has always been fun and it is of no surprise that you had played Need for Speed in your childhood. The franchise has been developing ever since with release of new games featuring different maps, cars, and enhanced gameplay.

Download Need for Speed series for PC

9) Assassin Creed Series

Here is another popular franchise in PC games that allow you to play free games without wifi and is being developed by Ubisoft in collaboration with Gameloft. Be careful as the game is pretty addictive.

Download Assassin Creed Series for PC

10) Age of Empires 2

The age of empires is another game that let you develop your own state and conquer the surroundings. Better if you manage to play it in HD.

Download Age of Empires 2 for PC

11) Hitman 2

The silent assassin is another amazing addition to hitman series with its lavish graphics and stunning gameplay. However, the missions can sometimes be hard to tackle.

Download Hitman 2 for PC

12) Max Payne

The game is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published in 2001 for the first time by Rockstar. It is a third person shooting game that features a lovely storyline and does not require any wifi.

Download Max Payne for PC

13) Max Payne 2

The second sequel had been released for some time not yet it is on our list of free games without wifi due to the fact that it is occupying, absorbing and intriguing.

Download Max Payne 2 for PC

14) Deus Ex Series

Here is another first-person shooting game series that was initially developed by Ion Strom and was later taken by Eidos Montreal. It is also available for android and ios.

Download Deus Ex Series for PC

15) Fallout 1, 2 and 3

This is the last entry in our free games without wifi PC as it features the role-playing. It is an amazing RPG game that you can play on both windows and mac.

Download Fallout series for PC

So, here is the bunch of games that you play free and enjoy the whole day.I hope you like these free games without wifi and you play it offline.Grab more games soon from us.